15 dec. 2006


I got my pictures back today. Ik makes me Happy to see those pictures, its like redo it again. (maybe that's the reason why i like Scrapbooking soo much!).

My dad is doing OK! he is so strong and releaved that the surchery is over. Now it is waiting for the results....
Busy times are coming. I already put the christmas three in house, the presents are wrapped. only thing i have to figure out is what to eat. We want a romantic christmas with just the 2 of us, but we dont want to spend the whole day in the kitchen. so if you have any ideas,pls pls send me :).
Made a Digital LO for the first time, i got the kit from 2Peas and its from Rhonna Fharer. She makes such beautiful things.
Love Martine

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