13 dec. 2006


I am bored. Not just a bit but totaly bored. I know it is terrible i have soo much to do, and there is so much i can do, but i am not in the mood for it. Some girls call it Mojo, but i just need a good time laughing, creating, talking, inspiration and FUN. And i want the sun back! i know its just fall and the winter didnt even start yet, but now i am tucked away behind the desk with the little heater at my feet, and i think that is also the reason why i am bored. When i stand up i get cold feets again, so i keep sitting down behind my laptop and waiting till something happen. (i am at work, but it is soo quiet!). i already installed all kind of funny stuff on the PC (probebly with virus and all lol (sorry boss). i do have allot of plans about scrapbooking. i am thinking about making clear snowstars, finish my Vegas Album (i want to finish it before we go to California in January) and i want to start my Disney album, but i dont know what colors or style i want to use. Uhm i am geeting itches.... was this the thing i needed to do? just blahblah on my blog? probebly.. i think i am going to try the snowflakes... will let you see the results ok? Here is a previeuw of my Vegas Album.

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