10 feb. 2007


Hi all, Back again from the states. Its a bit strange to come from such a warm country (we had about 28 degrees celsius) to snow!. but i like it, it shows how big the world is. The time differents is a whole other thing. I seems te adjust not that very quick. The first 3 nights in California i was awake at 3.45 in the morning, and couldnt sleep anymore. The others nights I saw that time every night at the alarmclock, but was able to get back to sleep. No problem I tought, just easy for getting back. WRONG! no we are back i cant sleep at all! the first night went ok because we where tired from the flight. but last night i crashed a sleep at 5 in the morning after a sleepingpil (homeopatic, so took 2 hours before it worked.) So cause wat I did while i couldnt sleep. Correct I went scrapbooking. Thanks to Elsie, who placed some sketches on her blog, I was able to scrap 3 lay-outs. There are all for my Las Vegas album, and really love the sketches. The first one is my favorite, cause I finnaly found a way to use the ugly big boring brads, Placed rub-ons on it, and I might have to buy some new big boring brads, cause i really really like them that way!. Now i have to got to the hairdresser, and look for new shoes, cause tomorow are tv records for Mooi weer de leeuw (dutch tv program) where they are going to pronounce what new song is going to be the new song for the Eurovision song festival. Wanna know what we are doing there? Watch the show!. I wil also tape it and hope to put it on YouTube or something so i can out it here. Kee gotta go!
*Hugs* Tine

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  1. welcome back! and I am watching tomorrow night, so cool! Great lo's btw!