21 mrt. 2007

Time Flies!

OO that was a long time ago since the last blog... sorry for that guys!. I have so much fun at my new job, o have total freedom, and its allot of fun. Officily we have spring here, but it was way too chilly out side with my Springcoat on lol. Monday we went to see the Premiere of the movie Hot Fuzz, really funny movie, and it was fun to see such a special premiere, cause the actors of the movie where there too, and there was also an afterparty in Amsterdam. We went for like 10 minutes, because there wasn't any food, and we where very hungry hihi so we went to Burger King :). Tuesday night I went out for Tapasdinner with a good friend of mine, we had allot of talking and fun. Tonight, I came home from work and discoverd a whole clean house, and dinner on the table :) that was a nice homecoming.

And then for the newest newsflash of our live...... tatatatatadaa... Oooow soo exited about it!!!
Martin and I decided that we are getting MARRIED!!! woohooo what about that huh?. The planning is 1 November 2008. Soo happy about that :D (may that is the reason why I didnt blog so long, because I didnt want to that my parents would read it on my blog, before they here it from me). Ok that was it for now (enough news i would say hihi).

11 opmerkingen:

  1. yay! :) i am soooo happy for you guys! :)

    omg.. this photo is gorgeous! :) elsie

  2. Owmyyyyyy so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did he asked your,or did you decide together??Wow huge congrats!!

    p.s.gorgeous picture :D

  3. and make sure he does it legal you know...no thelma and louise ;)

  4. Gefeliciteerd met jullie voornemen. Is wel ver weg hoor. Bel je ons vlak daarvoor nog even????lol

  5. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! gefeliciteerd!!! what a great news and I do expect to be invited , lol!

    Love the picture btw!


  6. gefeliciteerd!!!!!!!
    groetjes tanja

  7. Congratulations and wish you a lot of fun arranging everything for this special day to come.

  8. Whooohaa!! Gefeliciteerd!!! Gaaf hoor, spannende tijden en veel te regelen. Gelukkig hebben jullie nog even!

  9. gefeliciteerd!! het duurt nog ff, maar genoeg tijd dan voor de voorpret en dat is ook belangrijk.

  10. Woohoo gefeliciteerd, wat een leuk nieuws!!!