5 mrt. 2007

Workshop :)

Yesterday my friend Fauve and I went to Veghel to follow the workshop of Celine and Corinne. I had allot of fun and the projects where awesome. I got so much inspiration from those workshops, that I was diggin my scrapspace already lastnight. I got soo many papers and embelishments that i just never use (and prob will never use) any idea wat i can do with it? I also have allot of products and papers i find too beautiful too use. When i was a young girl I already had the same problem with stickers. When you use one, its gone.... But my scraps will never be gone right? so maybe I just need to use them!.

I also fell in love with a sewingmachine. I def need to have it especcialy after celine's workshop with all the felt. I have so much fabric and felts, It will be allot of fun!.

The deadline for the magazine is already end of this month, so hard works required sinds I dont even have the plans and stuff yet. But good news.. Tomorow i have a Job Interview at the redaction from the Magazine... So cross you fingers at 2 pm ok?

My dad started the last week of radiation treathment. 6 weeks are gone already, time flies! I know this week shall be one of the toughest. He is empty, tired and chilly all the time. But i KNOW he can do it! You Go pa! LOVE YOU!

Ok, this it for now.. pictures of the workshop are comming soon. Martin took the camera today to a photoshoot (yes he has a photoshoot and he will be the one that will be photographed!) cant wait to see the results! Its all for the (semi) finals in Finland for the eurovision songcontest. So everyone who didnt buy the album or single yet please do!! Or download it HERE (it helps for the charts and for Martin his name!)



4 opmerkingen:

  1. that little sewing machine is so cute!! and so glad your dad is doing so well :)

  2. Yes we sure had fun!Can't wait to see the pictures :D Why didnt we take pictures of us together??duuuh!That sewing machine owmyy it's even cuter then i thought!!

  3. I love that sewing machine!!! Where did you find it?

  4. Hoi Martine
    Of moet het in het Engels?
    Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe baan, toppie.
    Nog een vraagje over het blauwe machientje:
    Is de machine een punchmachine?
    Groetjes, Bea