10 apr. 2007

Happy easter:)

Ok I know... I am too late with the happy easter thing.. I am even too late to change my blogbanner, witch I made almost a Month ago hihi. A well...lets say I have it ready on time next year. I am sharing a bit of the easter pics. It was a fun weekend with way to much food :D. I also entered the Ugly doll challenge, but i quess mine turned out a bit TOO ugly hehe. I think they are going to pull a winner tonight. Martin got back from his week in the forest. :) It did him soo good. I really missed him. When I went to Nijmegen to pic him up. I really saw a bit of Martin, when I first met him :) Butterfly's all over again. It also was good for his career, Today he already got some new assignemts for songs, so that is a good thing. The other good thing is that his own busines is really starting now. He is having new clients, assignments etc, and they arent in the office yet!. So proud, cant say enough. ok off to bed now, working day tomorow!
Love ya all :D

4 opmerkingen:

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Easter pictures :) Too bad your ugly doll didnt win...

  2. Your dolls are gorgeous and every picture was so bright and fun! Loved them all!

  3. That banner is so nice. Just love it! I like your ugly dolls very much. They look really funny!

  4. Hey Martine,

    Your Easter table looks wonderful! Wow, that inspires me for next year! It seems so nice, comfy and cosy!