15 apr. 2007


O do I love the sunday feeling!. This morning we ate the most beautiful strawberry's on white bread with loads of sugar and a glass of milk and music on the background. The tempature was so good, the sun really make feel good!. I also baked some cookies, not the cookies on the picture tho, these delicious chocolat cookies where baked friday (yes I baked them, with a little help ofcourse hehe). The rest of the day we spend at Martin his dad's house (his sister Sabine was there too) Just babling and chatting and lots of diet coke and sunshine. It was a relaxing sunday, I even got a bit of a brown teint.. loved it.
I am trying to make a start with the third assignment from Corinne's workshop. and enjoying the rest of the sunday!.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Mmmmmhhh....et water loopt je al uit de mond bij et zien van deze foto's! Zooo jummie!
    Heerlijk zulke zondagen en ik hoop dan ook dat er nog veel volgen!!

  2. mmm Sounds great!And those strawberry's sure look yummy!