2 mei 2007


I found my shoes, to wear at the eurovision Song contest. They are still a bit tight, so I have to wear them allot, but its ok.
Martin arrived in Helsinki today. He will be blogspoting his tour here.
I also got some good news finally about my mom. She is still in the hospital but they finally know what is wrong with here, and why she is in so much pain. It turns out she has stones in her gall bladder (galstenen). Sunday they removed 1 stone in a tube that was stuck there, and causing the pain (on friday she had another pain attack, and they could see the stone on a ultrasound). Her gall bladder need to be removed, but first she needs to get stronger, because she did had a hartinfarct in the hospital.
To cheer her up we (Rianne, and the rest of my family) cleaned up her backyard and planted beautiful flowers, and made a little scrapbook for her. Insted of cheering, she cried but they where joyfull tears.
Thats it, byebye!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. OMG...that's one pair of shoes!!!!

  2. Love the shoe's,good to hear you have some news about your mom!

  3. Wauwie, dat zijn nog es gave schoenen!!
    Fijn dat et met je moeder de goede kant op gaat! Mijn mams ligt momenteel ook in et ziekenhuis ivm galstenen!

  4. such beautiful shoes, these shoes are made for walking and that is what they will do, one of these days these shoes will walk all over the Helsinki arena. Wear them with pride! Of course we are in in the very front of the tv tomorrow! Good luck and enjoy everything.