7 jun. 2007

O my :)

What a week.. I didn't know time flies that fast! Martin is already a week 28 and I didnt even had time to place a Happy Birthday on my blog. So saturday we celebrated Martin his birthday. (we all bought him a Playstation 3 :D). Sunday my aunt and uncle celebrated there 25 years of marriage in a birdpark called Avifauna. The weather was really nice, and it was good to see some family again. The same day we got an invitation to go to the Toppers in concert that evening so we decided to go. We had the best places ever. Thank you Merel for this cards and you're dancing was AWESOME! This week was also the release from Scrap! Love how it turned out. But the best thing this week is THIS:

This is the release of the single Een keer meer dan jij. This is THE song Martin wrote for me for valentine's day. This is the song that started it al. This is IT!. So we ask everyone.. PLEASE download this song on itunes or at the free record shop. Or buy it in the store's and make from this song a HIT. Martin deserves it. Edsilia deserves it. I am SO PROUD!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy B-day Martin!Sounds like a busy week girl :D

  2. Congrats to Martin and you and hope the single wiil be a NO. 1.

  3. Congrats to your B-friend and how cool is that??!! Your own song!

  4. I hope that this track wil hit the chart's fast!
    Happy B-day to your B-friend!
    And please say hi to Rene from me!

  5. Hey, nice to see someone from Holland, and then especially Flevoland. Where do you live? Me, in Dronten... LOL! It's a small world after all...