30 jun. 2007


Wow what a busy but fun weekend this is already (is that a sentence?) Last night we had a goodbye party for a collague at work, I am taking a part of her job for my account. (Coördination of Scrap!) It was allot of fun, we went bowling, take some drinks in a bar and when out for dinner. Too bad I was feeling not that good, when we arrived at our dinnerplace, so hardly eat anything. Probably a combination of wine at 4 PM and food at 9 and not feeling wel the last week (espacially in the nights.. maybe sleep some more lol). Today (Saturday) our most precious en loved person came to play with us. Its my nephew Damian. Its the oldest from my twinsister and he is my everything since birth. (second, but close is his cute sister Fenna). Today we went to the theater. It was his first time ever! it was so cute to see him in that big chair watching a movie. I dont think he followed the whole story, and he needs to learn who Cinderella and SnowWhite are, but he loved it. Ofcourse the part of the chocholatdrink, chips, candy and icecream helpt allot!. Now I need to start packing my scrappingbags, because I am going to meet the Design Team from StampedHouse tomorow in Katwijk aan zee. So that means allot of fun, picture's at the sea and i guess scrapping. But here is my problem.. I never went to a real crop before. Can you believe that?? Normaly when I go cropping, I go to my sisters and friends, or they come to me in the store.. so I never had to pack bag's for it. Other things where I went to, where workshops.. so didnt have to bring my papers etc. Hmm What shall I bring, or better what shall i NOT bring hehe. Well maybe I just bring my work from Scrap! Need to finish it before Friday and its at least 1 minialbum and 2 or 3 Lay-outs... Because I was so busy this week I didnt make it to make the challenge for Scrapboek.nl Summerfestival. ahh wel I promise to make the next one extra pretty:)
Everyone make a fun sunday! Happy scrapping!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Congrats on your DT membership and hope you enjoyed it all yesterday.

  2. Wauw, nog gefeliciteerd met het DT!! Super joh! Hoe was et zondag?!

  3. Hope you had a great time in Katwijk and congrats on your DT spot!

  4. het was wel een heel groot beeld en soms wel spannend, wil graag blijven om te spelen maar mocht niet van mijn mama
    kus damian