26 aug. 2007

bye bye

bye bye old store.. this was the last saturday in the old store. I know I dont work there any more on a dailybase, but I still own it. Its strange now to see it all empty. I am pretty exited to go to the new store, but also a little bit sad to leave this one. We started here. just me and martin. We never ever had a store in our lives, and we just knew each other for like 6 months. (what were we thinking!) We were working on a dream of me.. and look now. I went beyond my dream. I own a store, I am an editor in chief for Scrap! Magazine and can combine a passion with work. of course we also had allot of stress, tears and sad times there (break ins, no insurrance etc) but also a lot of fun! Especially the sale day's or special events like the Elsie workshopday just bring a smile to my face. I also loved it that my friends just came bye and drink a cup of coffee and just chat. It was just the type of energy I wanted to have in the store. A relaxing, fun and cofeedrinking energy. :)
Wednesday is the last day. Thursday we need to be out of the store. I am really exited also, to start at the new. We are going to have soo much new stuff, and so much new plans, that my hands start to itch right now! so watch the site carefully lol
My grandmother turned 90 this past wednesday, and she is celebrating it today. It will be a busy day because she has 11 children, witch all are maried (makes 22). In total these family's have 25 children (married or having a partner makes around the 45 ), and the children have in total another 24 kids (not partners here yet, the oldest one is around 13 and the youngest is about 6 months and 1 on the way plus 3 stephchildren). All the grandchildren and grandgrandchildren made a page to give to her. I also made a little pictureframe to put on the cabinet in the livingroom, I think there now is picture of me, when I was 9 or something hehe.
Happy Scrapping!

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  1. :( dag oud scrapboek filiaal...We hebben er zeker lol gehad :D

  2. Hi, found your blog via Anita's. I wanted to ask where you got these green storage "bins" that are shown in this blog post: picture wher you sit in front of them. I have been looking for something like this for EVER....Thanks if you can help me!