17 feb. 2008

Day whatever :D

Hello all..... that was a long time ago right :D I am sorry I didn't blog anymore and especially didn't place any more pictures. We kind of packed it (thats the cardreader:D) somewhere, and cant find it :D. Martin does makes a lot of new videos. you can find them here.

We are staying at Cherryl's place in a real american house. Thursday we went to Downtown Disney and to the NBC The tonightshow with Jay Lenno and got in FRONT line! we shaked hands with him, and the best part was having mister Russel Crowe on the show :D:D. We even had 2 t-shirts! (one of Jay and one of Russel). After that we went to see the office and studio of TV Weekly. They have a Castle! really pretty.
Friday we went to the office to do some work and went shopping (got 2 shirt and addidas sneakers). When arriving back we had a Pot luck dinner (everybody brings something) and had a real good time.

Today we went to Malibu Pier. I even got a little sunkissed :) It was real fun and we eat some mexican food. Tomorow we will be going to LA.. I think when we go back we need a week of sleep!!! (you can see everything on the movies here)
Talk to you soon:D

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  1. Oh wat gaaf zeg het filmpje met Jay Lenno. Oh hij was echt mijn favo toen hij nog op de nederlande sender werd ujitgezonden. Ben jaloers op jullie. En ja i kzag jullie een hand geven en zitten :-)