27 feb. 2008


Is it really wednesday already?? O my.. time flies... Not that I am having so much fun, more that I have so little time lol.
Monday I went back to work and need to catch up all the emails and finishing the Magazine. Then we founded out the deadline was friday and not Tuesday.. whoops... That means a lot of hard work. Togheter with that I am not feeling ok. Fever, shivers, headache etc.. you know what I mean. Today I really couldnt get out of bed to go to work, so I slept the whole day and go back to work tomorow to finish of the magazine.
Als I can share some fun news.. I made it to the cover :D LOL. We are bringing out an book called "Best of Scrap!" and this lay-out is on the cover. (the studio really needed to force me to put an Lay-out with myself on the cover, but finishing deadlines got me) I think it will be in store's for next week!
Happy Scrapping!
Hugs Martine

8 opmerkingen:

  1. super lo! enne krijgen wij ook een copy?


  2. Hij is geweldig!!!!!

    Liefs, Jacq

  3. Mooi en kleurrijk! Super layout!


  4. ik ben erg benieuwd naar het boek!

    groetjes tanja

  5. Je layout is super! Ben nieuwsgierig naar het boek en een exemplaar zou heel erg leuk zijn!

  6. Wauw, ziet er gaaf uit Martine!! Ben hartstikke nieuwsgierig naar het boek!

  7. hij is prachtig!.. maar toch.. =)
    grappig is dit wel..