13 jun. 2008

I know!!

(The Girls of FC Klap :)
I am almost back for a week and didn't do any update! I know!
But! I have some good reasons!
I went to the hairdresser on monday and spend my whole day there. So now I am a blond chicka with kind of short hair (I think the hairdresser cut of like 15 centimeters!) and a pony. I dont have a picture yet that is flatering. (I like the look very much but my face is a bit more rounder now (Yikes!) I will try to make one tonight.
Then on monday night we had to cheer for the Soccer team that won with 3-0 :)
Tuesday I went to work and need to show my new hair, look at the Tons of pictures everyone shot and browse to the new Scrap! I am soo happy with the result!
Then Wednesday I went shopping for some blinds for my scraproom and finished up cleaning. I think I am almost done with my scraproom!!! I already scrapbooked (is that a word?) in it and I already use so much more *out of sight out of heart* products! I love every (ok almost) every bit of my new room! The only too bad thing is that its not at my house, but at the office.. so at nighttime I am not scrapping.. cause I dont want to sit there alone... (Pictures will follow soon!!!)
Then Yesterday I was so inspired I decided to work at home and scrap all day for the magazine *LOVE my job!*
Today its friday again, Tomorow I am going to visit my twinsis to assist here when she and here family go on Baby in the belly fotoshoot. She has to hurry because its almost a week and a half before due time :D
Good reasons huh!
Happy Scrapping

4 opmerkingen:

  1. first of all love the banner! and second I totally forgot to ask you how your trip went! and come on with that picture!!! i wanna see your new haircut!


  2. oooOOo....i'm curious about the new hair do!!!

  3. busy busy busy,wanna see your hairrrrrr!

  4. Show us your new hairdo??? Think you had a fun time in Ierland.