18 aug. 2008


OMG.. Is it the 18th already! wow.. time is flying!! I dont think I spend more then 2 nights at home this month!. Almost every night We spend our time at Martin his Office. We are preparing for our Holiday September 1st. I am not completly finished yet, but We sure did a lot! My home is a complete mess, and I want it to be clean before we are leaving. We are going to a little house in Drenthe, with Rianne, Marco, Damian, Fenna and Iris. Just fun for 2 weeks.. No work, No deadlines, just doing what we want to do. Some people say that whe are crazy to go on a vacation with kids, but hey we just love them too much :D It is going to be a LOT of fun!
I got my kit in for the Chatterbox Challenge.. and finished some things. I am not sure if we can post them already, so you ow me on that one!. I also entered the Fancy Pants contest.. I really like there products, so I made 3 lay-outs with there goodies. Even when I dont go trough a next round, I still have these 3 (pretty cool) Lay-outs made with "old" stuff for my 100 challenge :D

soo... back to work! There are 2 Magazines going to print tomorow.. so I am finishing off everything :)
Happy Scrapping!
Hugs Martine

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