6 aug. 2008

New Lay-outs

I made this Lay-out for the Scrapabilly store, The kit will be online soon, because the owner have had a gorgeus little baby girl named Saskia! Sylvia and hubby congratulations!!!!!!!!!
Still I couldnt wait to put online the Lay-out, because I like it SO much! I never work with these colors, but I love it SO much! There is so much in the kit, that I could make an other 5 lay-outs at least!. I also made this cute litlle card, and a mini book.. but I will post the rest of the book soon (When the kit is out)

Happy Scrapping!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. the lo is very cute but omg I love the card and mini album totally my fave !!!

  2. leuk, leuk ! ziet er super uit Martine !

    Groetjes, Katz

  3. Echt, allemaal zo'n warme kleuren, ik zou ook gek zijn op de kit!