24 nov. 2008

(Art) Update

What a weekend :) It was a lot of fun, and I think I celebrated my birthday about 3 times!. Thursday I went to my twinsister to celebrate here birthday as well. We went out eating pancakes with the kids, Martin, Marco and his Mom.. The kids where soo sweet! It was really a good night. Martin and I slept there and headed back home on friday. (With a LOT of traindelay). But we got home before the first snowfall. It snowed the whole weekend! I got really spoiled with the Perfume from Chanel Chance and the bodycream. I also got a whole Cliniqueset for my face. Really love cremes and make-up! I also got a lot of dvd giftvouchers.. So I will be buying some new DVD's soon (If you know a good one, let me know!).
School is going good! I am working really hard and almost finished with the new assignemts. The first assignment is finished already and is a combination of the old romantic art style and the kitschy style from these day's. So I decided to make a cute girl in a designer dress reading a book on top of a hill with a little house on the prairie kind of house on the background! I am not that happy with how the girl is laying on the hills.. It looks like she is flying. But it is kind of cute!
Then I am Almost finished with my second assignemt, and that needs to be about desire, with a person (preferd nude) and an object in one BIG piece of paper. The paper is 150 cm wide.. and the lenght of our choise. We also needed to include a minimum of 3 different materials. So I decided to bring a long some nice papers :). I am not completly done yet.. But I am not sure yet what to change about it, or add.. So any tips are welcome!

Then I also am trying to figure out Photoshop. I so like the work of Catalina Estrada that I took that as an Inspirationpoint. I made everything myself exept for the leaves (I copied the shape from the internet) and the darker leaves on the background are a brush. I am not finished yet, I want to make something in the middle but I dont know what..! I do know it took me for about 4 hours to make this.. So its not easy (yet!)..

Tomorow I am skipping school. On Monday's we have lessons about the future.. need to involve Photoshop in that one.. but we only have about 2 computers and 15 students who wants to work on it.. So I stay home.. working on my own right :D
Hugs Martine

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Super wat je allemaal voor je opleiding gemaakt hebt!

  2. OOO...lucky you getting so spoilt :)
    and wow, i can really see an improvement in your work since those first drawings!!! you are starting to develop your own style...looking good! i like the work of catalina estrada, for some reason it reminds me of the children's book 'where the wild things are' :)


  3. Wat een prachtig resultaten, heel erg mooi

    gr. Andrea

  4. Oh I'm all about creams tooo so I get yah ! I can recommend "PS I Love you" and "Definately Maybe" loved them both. You're paintings are tres cool love the vibrant colors, and the digi is very good.