27 dec. 2008

# 209

So, christmas is already over! Time went fast,but it also drained me. It is already saturday and I dont have the feeling that I have been free for more then a week. We also getting the snotty bugs here, so ik guess the next week is going to the same. Maybe next year we spend christmas in out PJ's watching movies all day :) my dad is doing a bit better, the know what he has ( some infection) and it is verry good to treat, but the need to give the medicin in the hospital for 14 day's, so he wont be coming home soon and need to spend new years eve in the hospital too, he is verry sad about it. The grandkids seem to be abble to cheer him up the most, so iris ( the youngest from my twinsis) is going to stay with us for a few day's, so I can visit dad as much as possible with the baby. We also celebrated Damian his fifth birtday in the hospital, we claimed a familyroom and brought cake, present, limonade and the whole family (just kids and grandkids that is) that is 9 adults and 4 kids, so way more then the 2 persons visitor limit per patient lol, but hey its Christmas right? It was a fun morning,strange, but fun. Will share some pictures soon, if I am not back before the new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Big Hug
(ps, I got an Iphone!!!! Jeeeej)

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  1. It sure went by fast!Sjeez,doesn't feel like a week right?

    Hope you had a great time yesterday <3

    happy new year!