31 aug. 2009

almost getting there!

My to do list, is doing pretty good, actually there are only 16 things on it that I need to do! That means I already crossed of 39 things! So here is one of the things that got crossed of.. Lay-outs for Scrapabilly, They will be post September 1 on there site, but I will give you a preview now. The kit is really cool!. Also it will be my last kit for this store! So Sylvia, Thank you so much for this past year of wonderfull kits and products! they where amazing and so are you!
So the rest of the week I will finish all my glittery projects for the KKD, Clean out the rest of my house (my livingroom is done already and still clean after a week (thats new!) so patting on the back for me on that one hehe:D Update my laptop, getting all the camera's charged, doing laundry, shopping and packing!

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