19 sep. 2009

fun day

Yesterday we had such a fun day! We tried to update as much as possible on the blog, just for fun, We had to laugh really hard all day long! At Johnny Rocket they had little jukeboxes on all the tables and you can trow in a nickel and choose your song. So Martin requested the same song 5 times or so, I Got You Babe, everytime it started playing we had to laugh so loud, that they probibly figured out we where the folks that did it :D. We took the bus to the Mall, ofcourse we missed the first one and had to wait an hour, luckily the bus stop was right in front of Starbuck where they have Internet:D Martin also got a Banana-strawberry Smoothie, and I got a Pumpkin Spice Frapuchino, but I like the Pumpkin Spice Latte better :). At the Mall there was a Torrid! I was so Happy, It is my favorite store to shop. They tell you, OO you are so Skinny! You will need a 1 or even a zero:D Love it! LOL. Every pants I try on, will fit! All the shirts are long enough and I just like it. You do need to search between all the clothes because they have a lot of alternative clothes that I dont like. I bought 2 pair of pants, 1 vest and 3 shirts We will make some pictures soon to show! Martin bought new shoes (see post below). I really like them, and they are so Martin! I didnt found shoes I liked, but we will have some time left to find some right :D I also bought new bracelets at Torrid:) and a vest at JC Penny's
At the Mall, we also ate Valerie's Crepe. I got one with Banana, strawberry, nutella, whipped cream and Ice cream and Martin got one with Whipped cream and Strawberry's. They where very very bad, maybe Evil I think :D
Today its Saturday, so this Morning we ate Wafels, and tonight we will be joining the whole family to the curch and have a little house warming party at Brett and Serena's house!. Sounds like fun. We are shipping the dress for Rose, right now, so I hope it will arrive for her birthday on time!

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