1 sep. 2009

Granny Squares

Because I have SO much spare time, and dont have anything else to do, I decided to start Crochet :D LOL... Ok ok. .that was (a bit) sarcastic). I am crafting and scrapbooking my ... off! So when I want a break or when I am out of MoJo.. I make these!. It will be my new blankie for the couch. Also they are my first attemps on crochet. They are not That perfect(in fact the other square is done now, but smaller then the other one... Will have to find a solution for that when I will be putting them togheter), but they are cute. I will take it with me to our state trip so I will have something to do in the plane. Just have to figure out if I can bring scissors into the plane (I believe they sell sewingkits at the airport, so I might buy those) or I need to use my teeth!.

I am almost finished with the big glitterthings, and I will send them out tomorow, so I can start cleaning my house (there are glitter everywhere!) Also they are going to install a new meter for the water tomorow morning. Next to that I need to some serious shopping tomorow.. So another busy day tomorow and a day closer to our bit trip!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. ooo...they look fantastic!!!
    as for scissors, you can only put them in your suitcase NOT in hand luggage :(

  2. leuk hoor, heb ik daarom zo'n duur "kleedje" gekocht bij het pakhuis terwijl jij het ook kan, lekker dan.

    trouwens als je echt wilt lachen(nee, ik bedoel niet die foto van Martin) moet je je site eens laten vertalen door dat google dingetje, gegarandeerd een hit.
    kus zus

  3. Heel gaaf ik ben benieuwd of je deken af is als je terug komt.