12 sep. 2009

Pool Party

yesterday Martin finished his translation article about Sludge;) so he joined me to go to a pool party, probibly the last time because he was the only man;) there where like 20 kids playing in the pool and all the groen ups just sat around table and chatted. We ate some Pizza, fruit, carlic bread and brownies. it was fun! ofcourse we didn't know anyone, but they are all very friendly and I like to listen to other conversations;)
Today is Waffle day, so we wil get up in a hour or so and have breakfast all togheter;) we wil go out and go shopping for some birthday dresses to send out to Holland, Rose is going to be 3 years old already end of this month and I promised here a real princess dress;) Also I only packed like 3 shirts for Martin or so, so we need to go shopping. Martin is going to work on "our little movie", but he is having some export problems

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. hahaha, briljante foto's! :) vooral die van Martin..EINDELIJK klaar met je deadline!!!!


  2. only 3 shirts??!! that will teach you to pack last minute ;)

  3. Heel goed om met een bijna lege koffer te gaan, kun je lekker veel mee terug nemen :D

  4. Martin staat je beeldig;)
    Maaruh wat zijn groen ups?

    blij voor je dat de 100 pagina's af zijn. nu vakantie vieren!!!!