11 nov. 2009


There we are, back from our trip! Back in the cold fall weather! But you know what? we dont mind.. we even missed it a little. The change of seasons, the smell of fall in the air.. But we also met a whole new experience of fall. Pumkins! It didnt matter on what kind of way we eat it, it was all good! I liked the Pumkine Spice late's from Starbucks, and Martin his favorite where the Pumkin Muffin's. One of our new friends even brought us a jar of Pumkin Pie Spices!.
We do need to adjust again (lets just forget the fact that I am typing this at 4.30 in the morning), to the food (My stumach needed 3 weeks to adjust to the food there, just hoping it wont take so long to adjust back!) to the weather, the time differants etc. I am amazed how quickly your body adjust to a new situation!.
For us coming back, feels like new year, so we have some plans about we are going to live our lives! First of all we are going to buy a new kitchen. Ours is just simply too small and the lack of enough storage space, a decent size fridge and no freezer makes it harder for us to eat healty (even more chalenging for us, because we practicly live above the grocerie store) So that will be one of the bigger (financial) goales (I hope to have the new kitchen around March!) Next to that, we are going to eat more healty. Before our trip, there where weeks without cooking, everything was take-out or microwave meals. Although the take-out didnt include allot of fries and snacks and we took the more "healty" microwave meals, very healty is it not. So no more everyday trips to the grocerie store, I am going to get food for at least a week and hopefully longer (except for the fresh foods then). No more snacks and candy (at regular day's) and hopefully we also loose some weight (O yes.. we gain a bit overthere LOL)
Also I need to take more care of the house. Luckely the house is clean at this moment (if you dont look at some dishes and laundry) so that is a mater of keeping it clean instead of digging to all the stuf :) And we need to make our house more our house (does that make sence?).. So I will dig in to some home decoration!
then another "resolution" is to make art/be creative at least every day, can be a big thing where I work on for more then one day, or a small thing that is finished in 10 minutes. I noticed in the 2 months that I really missed it, and that I get stuck if I dont do something for a longer time, my drawings get worse.. etc. I think that my hands need more practice so they can memorize it :)
ok.. I better get to bed (not that I am tired or something) in the hope to get some sleep (luckely I dont have to start yet at the Daycare!!) Thank you for coming down this way and listen to all my ramblings. What colors do you guys think I need to add to my house?? I need a color for my bedroom, hallway (wich is very high with a staircase, and at this point very white) and for the kitchen (the old one is white, and very sterile.. But I cant go to crazy, because we are planning on selling the house within 2 years). Will be back soon with some pictures (tried it 4 times with this post, it is simply not working) and inspiration for a lot of creative things!
Big Hugs!

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  1. welcome back!!!
    Aren't pumpkins just delicious??!! i go to the farmer's market each week and always at this time of year get at least 1 pumpkin a week! I have a great recipe for pumpkin spiced latte to make yourself and R loves it. (you can use speculaas kruiden instead of pumpkin spices...it's almost the same)!
    You've come back bursting with ideas and things to do, success with everything!

  2. Zo de jetlag al bijna voorbij;)

    goed om te horen dat het Nederlandse weer jullie niet tegen valt. ik vind het toch wel nat en vroeg donker!

    zeker met klussen!

    en kleuren ja ik geen kleuren specialist:D

    zie jullie snel!

    gr uit biddinghuizen