4 nov. 2009


Oh boy! did we had a fun 2 day disney adventure!. We went on Sunday first to Ihop to have extra special breakfast. There we told the kids that we where going to Disneyland! We thought they would jump from joy and scream.. but they didn't lol. They had NO clue what disneyland was. (they are more Legoland kids :D) But after this weekend they KNOW what Disneyland means. They enjoyed it so much. I think it even made there experience better, because it was all new for them.
The first day we went to Disneyland and the second day to California adventure park. It was a good decision, because there where hardly any lines at the adventure park at monday. The boys (Mickey, Martin, Deanon, Pierce and Tanner) did all the roller-coasters and heavy rides and the girls (Ann, Brenna and me) did all the cute stuff and princess things. Brenna wanted to go in the heavier rides as well, but she just spend the night in the hospital on Thursday because she fell from her brother's shoulders and ended with a concussion, so she was not alloud. She was a really good trooper about it and had a lot of fun! (because it didn't slow her down at all, and no headache or something)
At around 8 or something we decided to walk back to the hotel to get some food and jackets (because we where getting cold) and to come back later to see the fireworks and Fantasmic. At the time we arrived at the hotel we were pretty tired so the girls and Pierce decided to stay at the hotel and watch the fireworks from the hotel. The boy's where not back before midnight and had a lot of fun. They watched the fireworks, Fantasmic and did a lot of rides. We watched the fireworks from our rooms and went to bed early, so we where fresh the next day:)

The next day we went to the adventure park. We did Monsters, Muppets, the boy's did the tower of terror and Screaming California (roller-coaster) (most favorite with the boy's if we ask what was your favorite) and the girls did the merry-go-round (Brenna's favorite). We all did the Toy story shooting game (my favorite) and just had fun all together.

We where very tired at the end, but sad to go. We didn't see everything, but we sure had a LOT of fun. The movie is in the making (we shot video's with 2 camera's, so it is a little bit more work). The Halloween movie is rendering, so expect that one very soon! I uploaded all the pictures at our picture album on the left. I will be adding more pictures (made with the Corcoran's camera) later this week.

This is already the last week. We don't have big plans yet, but I have mixed feelings about leaving. I cant wait to go home and hug family, be at my own house, with my own things, sleep in my own bed and all of my crafty supplies. But I will also leave behind a great family and a home on its own. and the weather. I know it is cold and rainy and fall in holland.. and here we can walk outside without a jacket, knowing the sun will shine. I like that :)
I will also going back to work for 3 day's a week at a daycare (starting next wednesday) and probably also a few hours a week at Subway. Next to that I have to design about 5 cards a week and work on a other project (cant talk about that one yet) and on a diet LOL, so busy busy, but It would be fun. (All-tough I have to say, I didn't mind it, to do nothing for 2 months :D)
November 20, We (Rianne and I) will hit the big 3-0 in our age, so we are going to give a BIG party in Lelystad, If you want to come, leave a comment behind, and I will get you the details:)
For now! Sunny greetings from LA!

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  1. Hi

    Tuurlijk zijn wij van de partij met jullie feest, heb wel al iets van de details gehoord maar nog niet alles.

    Heel veel plezier nog jullie laatste week in de states

    Liefs van ons

  2. Jullie hebben het echt heel leuk daar ik ben jaloers, ja het is niet anders. Halen jullie je jassen maar uit de mottenballen, want het is hier koud 8 รก 9 graden overdag. Dus geniet nog even van de warmte.

    groetjes xxx

  3. oooh wij hebben ook zo'n lol gehad in disneyland, jullie hebben zo'n mazzel met het weer ! Toen wij er zo'n 10 jaar geleden waren was el nino er ook en was het KOUD ! ik ben gek op feestjes, leuk vertel ;)