22 jan. 2010

Granny square blanket and more

Granny square blanket
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nope.. it is not mine!, but o boy, do I love it! I am definitly going to make this one soon! It is just perfect!. Just have to make sure, I have enough yarn to finish it :D I still didn't find enough yarn to finish my big wool blanket, but I will be on the haunt this weekend. I am finally feeling better again! Full of plans. Yesterday the accountant came over, and we talked allot about what this year is going to bring, and what our plans are!. He agreed that we need a bigger house and that if we want to take the next step in live we don't wait any longer. Also business wise we are going to change a few things, one of them is changing the company into a corporation in April. It means Martin is finally going to pay a salary to himself:) Downside is that we are not allowed anymore to "borrow" some of the office money for well lets say going out to dinner and stuff or pay our vacation with it, or pay for a kitchen :D (which is arriving in March). We are going to fix up the house and pack-up allot of stuff and putting the house up for sale! We know it is bad moment for selling and if I look around there are 8 more apartments up for sale, but we believe in it, and really really want to move to a bigger house :) So selling first, after that we are going to buy a new house, hopefully at the end of this year. So we (I) will be very busy working on our house, re-organzing everything and make it work! Last week I promised the picture's of my lay-outs. They are very bad (the picture's, I think the lay-outs are ok :D) but I didn't had my mind set to it yet to make new once's (and the weather is so gray, they would be bad too
this one is about my little niece that spend the night at our house, I took here back home with the train the next day. We had a lot of fun and she was a real good trooper about the 2 and a half hour trip.
next one is a quick one, Picture is taken by Anita Mundt. I love it! I am thinking about getting it on canvas for our next house.. what do you think? Plans for today? Measure the basement (well I don't have a basement, but a little storage square at the parkinglot, but we like to call it our basement) to get some storage units up, a visit to the library and scrapbooking with Fauve tonight. Tomorow, Rianne and the gang are coming to town, and we are going to the opening ball of the dansschool with a lot of friends, so that would be fun (I think). The Diet is going really good btw. Last week I was mad because I gained 1 kilo ,but I think the scale was joking to me, to get me back in track or something because I lost 5 kilo's already in 2 and a half weeks. Weight day is on monday :D 88 kilo's :) I smiled like a moron for an hour or so LOL. Hoping to reach the 85 next week or so!
Have a nice weekend!

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