7 nov. 2012


wow... hello... Somebody there??
pfff. there was a lot of dust on here... wow! Sorry, my life is a bit overwhelmed. Time to change that a bit and make sure I get a little ME time again...( aka blogging hihi)

First lets update a bit. Robin is very active boy who is almost 21 months old already. He keeps us very busy :) He is also getting a little baby brother in March.
So the me time is going to be rare.. I know. Because of the arrival of the little boy we need to change some things... like moving for example..
Not ideal to move while 6 months preggo. but hey. I can blame it on the hormones :)
We have our eyes set on a house, but its not set yet that we are actually getting it! So fingers crossed please :)

In the meantime. Pinterest is my biggest friend! I Pin what I like and Martin can pick stuff from it he likes. Its the best! All things he can pick, are things I like! Win-win for me hihi.

For our kitchen I fell in love with this color scene.

I like everything about it! So now I am on the hunt for a table with these kind of legs to paint it aqua. The painting part have to wait till the baby is born tho. Not so keen on all those chemicals. We did decided that all the walls and doors will be white to match this fresh take on the kitchen. We are going to rent, so we will have to do make the kitchen our own without placing a new kitchen.
I also like the splash of Yellow in this picture.. So I think I will take little yellow accents and make the living room more Yellow-grey with little aqua and red accents... What do you think?

xoxo Martine

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