21 nov. 2012


Tomorrow we are FINALLY getting the key from our new house! I know I know.. we are not very patient people :) and everything is going very quickly.. but still we are in waiting mode.

I already ordered carpet for the whole house, bought paint and rollers and some pretty wallpaper for our bedroom and Robin is room. We gave Robin a little piece of the wallpaper and he went al nuts about it :) He was saying WOW and wouldn't let it go anymore. If it was a wallpaper with lions or cars on it, I would understand.. but they are just simple stripes :D

I am also making a LONG list to go shopping at IKEA. I would never thought I would say this but I kind of like it to make a precise budget list.. I am still in the green numbers and at this point I still have everything I want.

I didn't found any window treatment yet for the living room within my budget, so still looking for that, I will go for simple in between curtains for now.
No pictures this post. Tomorrow we are getting the key and will post some "Before" pictures :)

see you soon!

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  1. We got some very long lace curtains with scalloped edges for our kitchen from ikea that are lovely..., and were a complete bargain as they were only €10!
    They were so long I cut then in half and made curtains to fit 4 windows. Maybe that's an Inbetween option?