19 dec. 2006


The whole thing with my dad keep me thinking about life. What do i want to do with it, do i like what i am doing now? Is this it? Then i saw this picture of my (twin) Sister Rianne and her Oldest son Damian. She loves him SO much and is the best mom ever. This is life, this is where we are put on earth for. To make baby's. No just kidding :) its not the reason why we are on earth. but its a part of it. You get it i want Baby's. And i want them NOW! :)

I will wait. Wait till i know what i want in live, Till Martin is ready for them too! (soo Fenna and Damian keep smiling to him pls???) And till we know for sure we want to live togheter for ever and ever and ever (or when M finnaly pops the question (hint!). I am Scrapping this photo now, togheter with some other photo's of her and Damian. I was trying to make the sketch for Creating Keepsakes.. but the date was 18th of december.. so i am making it for myself now. All i need to do is the journaling. (M is making a little poem for me) and then i will show it here.. Same with the transparent snowflakes. They are beautiful!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah girl,hurry up with those baby's!!You've gotta keep up with me :D

  2. super foto zeg! enne eerst je roeping vinden meid is een goed plan!