19 dec. 2006

O Christmas three...

I am waiting for my Moppie to come home.. so i tought why dont i write the blog for tomorow already. I still didnt show you my Christmas three. Its our first three in hour small cute little house. I wanted pink, Martin wanted Red. so we choosed pink and red :) (i know there is more pink then red in it lol). I like how it turned out. It make's me smile! I couldnt choose between the Pics.. so i just place them all (if i figure out how that works!
Hugs! M

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh love your tree. I so need to make pics of mine, maybe today!


  2. Hi Martine,
    found your blog by Corinne's. LOVE your tree!! hope all is well with your dad!!