21 dec. 2006


I think i have a bit of christmas stress or something. But I have the feeling thatI need to do so much! Somehow I am sitting in a complete chaos! At home its a Mess and need cleaning ALLOT. not only my livingroom (what is the cleanest part I think) but also my Bedroom. (yes you read it right livingroom and bedroom. I dont have a bigger house (yet) lol) is a complete mess. Then I come at work.. to find a MESS.. I know its terible. but everywhere I look there isnt a single spot neat and tidy (ok the front of the store looks ok, but in the back! OMG and we have a Workshop Saturday!). I simply dont know where to start. If I start in the little time I have.. it will be more messier (is that a word?) cause I want everything sorted out. I need to trow away so much, but I simply cant lol.. Maybe i should try Ebay or something? And then my ScrapSpace. I got so much stuff the last past year that I have no Clue where to leave everything. Where do I put everything that I can grab it when I need it, and put it back at the same speed. I hate it to dig into the piles. (I also seem to forget what I have when I dont see it) Sure I know where I have my ribbons and brads and flowers that is not the problem. But al those stickers, chipboards and embelishments that wont fit into jars. Where am i going to put those? and my stamps and paint and inks and my extra glue and papers etc. I Think I need a new scrap space with more then just 4 cabinets from the Ikea (you know the ones with all those diverents drawers in it). I am thinking about it for a while now.. and with a bit of creativitie it will fit in the bedroom. but then I need a new cabinet for my clothes... and.. and.. and. You see.. How am I able to Clean and sort things out if I dont have the right space to put it in! Thank You.. for making me feel less bad about my messy house. Its not my Fault! LOL (yeah right. going to try to empty the workshop space now.. then some peeps can come saturday!)
Bye for now and thanks for listing to my talking about NOTHING!
Happy Holiday's!

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  1. lol..
    shall I come over and help you sometime soon? ;)


  2. I hear you, same here. The terrible thing is that once I finished one room and start the next day on another room that smae room I did the other day is somehow messy again. As far as your scrapstuff. I do not buy that much anymore. Only a few of my favorite things and the rest I just do not buy....yeah i know i am strong!


  3. You have to run through your house and clean like a tornado so it's all clean at one time. LOL I try to do that, but this tornado has gotten lazy!

    Oh man, I love to organize, can I come over? You will find something right for your scrap goodies. I don't think anyone gets it right the first time. It takes lots of buying organizing then deciding you don't like it and it doesn't work for you. BUT you will get it!