23 dec. 2006

Happy Holiday's

Finaly almost Christmas. the time is flying! I still dont have that special christmas feeling. Playing christmas song's all day, but i still miss something, sure it will hit me these day's.
Last night we went grossery shopping, we had fun about all those special things the supermarkets sell now. Like those starfruits for decoration. I simply love them. From our friend Aryeh we got a Turkey. We have no but i mean NO clue how to make that. So i bought some sweet potatoes, onians and carlic to put it with in the oven. i think i will keep you updated with it lol. and if you got any tips PLS PLS share them before tomorow! lol.
i still have no new clothes for christmas. and its kind of traditions that we have new clothes for a birthday, easter and christmas. and last year i didnt bought new for easter OR my birthday so i def need new ones for christmas. TG the stores are open tomorow, so i can buy some new stuff.
nice start of my Holiday! (jeeeeeej free from work for 1 week! soo happy with it) I am going to try the tornado thing Wendy told me to do to clean, but only 1 room i quess lol.
Happy holiday's !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Martine,

    Ik vind net je blogje... en lees het bericht over je vader... wat klote meid! Ik hoop dat hij er (snel) weer bovenop komt! Weet als geen ander hoezeer dit je leven door elkaar kan schudden...

    Maar jullie hebben wel een hele mooie boom! :)