19 jan. 2007

# 19

Ok i can share a littlebit of the good news (one of the many things that are going to happen:)) Everyone, go watch television february 11th. Watch netherlands 2. I am trying to tape it and put it on youtube, so everyone can see. more cant I say!. there is a new good thing again, but i think i am not putting a so proud blog on it again, cause i cant share it again lol

The past few day's i relaxed soo much. that was a good thing to do. Thanks to Samantha who is working in the store for me. A bit strange tho, cause when i visit the store, little things are changed. Not bad, but strange cause i alway's know what was going on, cause i was in it like 24/7. Not any more, not a bad thing, but a bit strange. I have to get used to it. It was my own decession, and a right one, just a bit strange (did I say already that's it is feeling strange?)... Just 1 more week before we are flying to Anaheim California. I am soo happy to go, we are going to have SO much fun!. (CHA, Disneyworld, seaworld, Hollywood, CHA etc....) Also happy to see some faces again, like that!.

My dad is startin his radiation theraphie on the 24st of this month. He have to go to the hospital every day for 6 weeks (an hour drive to the hospital and an hour back). They already put the marks on his body (its a tatoo... hope they not going to mistake with the old ones Lol). I am so proud at him, he doesnt complain a bit! You go Pa:D Love you.
this weekend we are going to visit my Twinsister and her husband and kids. Looking forward to it, the kids are groing so fast, they seem to change every minute. We are going to bake cookies, paint some pasta's for momy, feeding the ducks and watching Cars. :)
promise to get some pics :). Ok here is for now, see you all soon, and we promise to blog in Anaheim, so watch it for the good stuf! lol
*hugs* Martine

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  1. i'm glad you are finally having some fun! don't wrry about the store, enjoy the time! sorry to hear about your dad, i hope it all goes well :)