24 jan. 2007


there coming, the butterfly's are coming, there already a bit in my tummy, but it will be worse the next few day's. Is everything alright? do we have everything? is my suitcase not too big? need to buy soo much (yeah right like i am going to a tropical island or something), and what do i need to pack?, is the camera ok? do we have tickets! (where are they??, ooo right beside me pff) you see all stressed out lol. Thank god i have these day's off, and not like the last time we went. Last time we had a workshop in the store from Elsie, It was sooo much fun, but not the best timing. We also had the deadline for the Magazine. Al we did in Las vegas was going to the memory trends and sleep. We saw 1 casino from the inside (won $200 :D) and a shopping mall. We hope to see some more things this time. I am looking forward to see Elsie again.. and cant wait for her new line, but knowing here.. it must be OK!. We are planning to keep up the bloggin in California, so everyone can enjoy a little :D

*Hugs* martine

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Enjoy...and have a little fun for me too!

  2. Next time I will join the party! have lots of fun and say hi to elsie from me!


  3. wens jullie daar heel veel plezier!!!

  4. wish you an awful lot of fun.