10 jan. 2007

Scrapping :)

I did some scrapping last night as a relaxing therapy, lol. I am sorry for the bad pictures, I bought a Flash light for my camera yesterday, but Iam not totally happy with the results. There not sharp and there iss still a flash in the pictures. i hate when that happends..need to practice some more I Think. A well you can see the LO's and thats ok right :). All of the LO's are made from pictures taken at Disney paris we visited in November. It was my birthday present, and I wanted my parents to come allong also. So we did :) and it was a fun and exiting weekend full with Magic :)

I will post some links here of Martin exiting Career... (lol if you not here from me again.. he killed me :D:(joke, for the poeple who dont know me or Martin )
Re-play (ik zal er voor je zijn)
Edsilia Rombley (Dan ben ik van jou)
Nieuw Schrijftalent :D (een keer meer dan jij) Watch out for this song! its my valentine song :)
Dana Winner Zoals je tovert met de tijd
Junior song festival (we gaan ervoor)
Footbal madness I know!

Ok this is it for now... This list is going to be sooo long this year.. but that are all secrets! :)
Have a nice day *HUGS*

2 opmerkingen:

  1. scrap therapy is always the best relaxation :)

  2. oooh die van replay vind ik zoooooooo mooi! en jouw sonf heb ik ook gehorrd, echt prachtig, go martin, go martin!