6 jan. 2007

And Again!

Proud!. Martin just got the next best Deal of his live. Again it had to do with music. and again i am not allowed to tell more :) You maybe wondering why i am telling everyone about it and not Martin in his blog to the right (look here when you only see 1 blog :D). Well first off all because i am so proud at him to finnaly getting there. And second is because he is too insecure for it to tell. Insecure?? he is going to shout at me after reading . Ok insecure isnt the right word. Its more that he doesnt want to act big, and dont want to shout loud about it, because in the music scene you can be very good, but the poeple need to think its good too, same as the radio station's etc. Thank god he doesnt need to be on the stage, and can do his thing in his own time. Honey! i am Proud of you.. and like T say You are going to be RICH lol.
Believe in yourself and it will be ok. Love ya!!
*Hugs* Martine

3 opmerkingen:

  1. rich AND famous?!! wow...can't wait to hear what life has in store for him. enjoy the success but keep your feet on the ground (i know you will!)

  2. That sounds good!!Can't wait to hear the good news!!

  3. congrats!! i'm so curious what's it all about ;)