5 jan. 2007


Already so much to do, the year barrerly started and already we have deadlines and to much to do. I am avoiding the word stress.. its maybe a bit stressy but its our choise so we just call it busy ok? We need to do the administration of the store, the magazine's deadline is rushing in and we have a huge sale at the store. I almost forgot we are going to the CHA and that is already this month! need to do allot before that, especially for the magazine cause its going to the press when we are in California. Its fun! who else can say i am working. Need to scrap zillion things before the deadline? and oww how hard work is to walk 3 day's at the world largest crafting confention and see all the new and exiting things there. Its work, and it cost allot of energy. but its fun! its mine :). The LO is one about new year toughts. i used all kind of fun things on it. Homemade buttons, wrapping paper, felt from Xenos and Zeeman, tape from Hema. Just a fun Lay-out and def not my best. But i needed to make it, so its mine!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. OOooooo....i love that little crocodile at the bottom!!! so cute :) got room in your suitcase for someone else??!! enjoy the trip and don't forget to have fun!

  2. geweldige journaling meid en je kunt het hoor! mooie lo overigens!


  3. WOW this rocks girly!!I wish you so much fun at CHA!!