2 jan. 2007

Update & Happy New Year!

Just some pictures i wanted to share. Most of them are made with Christmas. We had 3 lovely day's full with food, presents and Fun. The day before Christmas we went to my parents house to eat there and do presents. Its always a happening when we are all togheter. (10 adults 1 teenager and 3 kids under 4). It was FUN. I made the Turkey we got from Aryeh.. And no the color on that thing is real and not photoshopped. It even tasted very nice. (a bit dry but hey.. first time ok!). I got a beautiful candelar (is that the right woord for it in english?) from my mom and dad. And its soo me! I love it. The next day we spend the day togeheter in our sweet little house unpacking presents and eat allot and watch some movies. The day was pretty short causeI slept till 13.30, (thanks M for letting me sleep!)

The second day of christmas we went to Damian his birthday. He is already 3! For pictures check there website.

The entire week between christmas and new year was a holiday for me! I loved it. Cleaned my entire house, did all the laundry and sleep out every day! It was way too short cause i didnt even got the change to scrapbook! but i am full of inspiration again. To bad i have a deadline coming up, need to do so much for that.. lalala just ignoring it!
New years eve we celebrate it at home, with Martin his Dad. It was a fun and relaxing evening with way too much food! At 0.00 we stepped outside at our appartment and we had the best vieuw ever! We where abble to see the fireworks across the entire (ok half) the city! it was soo good.. that i didnt take any pictures. What a scrapbooker is that huh!.

Update about my dad: The thing they removed in his body seems to be an part of the old tumor. They are going too search his body now for other parts. He is getting radiation for it and no Chemo cause his body is too weak for that. (his kidney are ruined with the first Chemo 8 years ago)

Update about Martin: Yes it has to do with Music! still cant tell you more! (i am sooooo bad at this lol)
superduper proud at him!!

ok this was it :) i hope i can place some lay-outs soon :D
Cheers! Martine

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  1. wow, it looks like you had an 'English' christmas with turkey and gifts!!!! i hope they sort things out for your dad soon.

  2. Happy 2007 to you too! May it be healthy, inspiring & creative!

  3. cool pics and I am hoping that marco will use one of his songs!!!