14 feb. 2007

# 23

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!. This year we dont do valentine's day specials. Just say I love you every day will be enough. I already got my Valentine's gift sunday, when she was singing MY valentine song on tv, And yesterday i was able to buy MY song at the store, How much valentine do you want!. It is being so busy the last few day's, no stress or deadline's (just the correctionrounds from the magazine). I am busy with looking out for article's interviews etc. Everywhere where i can find his name in, i want it, and need it. I think in every single newspaper there is an article about the song, Edsilia about that her husband wrote all the songs, that its not fair etc. The funny part is Martin also wrote all songs, but he is mentioned sometimes, and not in a bad way. He also is recieving calls from other artists who wanna work with him, how cool is that huh! Today is about the first actually free day, the magazine is done, so no more work. Now I have time! so much free time i love it. But still there is allot to do, just without stressing :). I defenitly need to order and clean out my house. It is such a mess! To problem is that we where alway's too busy to clean. We come home, drop our bags, try to cook, eat, do something relaxing , or work, while martin is getting back to work go to sleep and go to work. No cleaning at all (ok i did some cleaning, its not that i live in a DIRTY house, just a mess and not 100% clean lol). The next problem is that we never had time to sort things out, so all my kabinets, drawers etc are full with stuff that dont even belong in there. Its so bad, that my (fake) christmas tree (we bought one this christmas), wont fit in any storage space, and now is spending his time at my sofa!. Soo now i got time, I will give this house a random extreme make-over and making it my home. (starting today!).
Friday I am going to an Photoworkshop. I am pretty exiting about that! We bought a new camera in October before our first (business) trip to Las Vegas. with some lenses and a flashlight (the last one is the newest part, bought that in january) and i can make some pretty pictures with it. but i dont have a clue what i am doing. cant wait, to make even more beautiful pictures :).
I also did some scrapping, (that is about the only organized bit in the home, its just a bit too small, so i need to put everyhing on the floor, before i can scrapbook, and I am not that organized to put it alway's back on the table :S. I will try to put the latest creation (Elsie sketch number 4) on here, but then i need to put on the other computer, and i am affraid i wont be cleaning when I do that lol.
A short update about my dad: He is getting the radiation treatment everyday. He is doing pretty well, just some nousious (misselijk) and pretty tired. But after a good one hour sleep he is doing pretty ok. we hope it helps, and cant wait for the results, will keep you updated.
So this is my LONG story (can you see I dont like cleaning LOL) for now, an little call to everyone, If you found some local news about THE Martin Gijzemijter... pls save it for me and mail me? I would be soo happy with it!. And second. Go to the store's and by Edsilia Rombley newest CD, its out NOW!!!!! (i was jumping up and down when i saw it at the store, the people really tought i was going insane!)
oww.. by the way, if you missed it, its all about this song. (watch appear his name in the buttom! lol)
*Hugs* Martine

5 opmerkingen:

  1. leuke foto!!!
    Happy valentine day!


  2. ahhh...glad your dad is doing ok...it is a difficult time. enjoy the 'me' time and relax!

  3. Geniet van de tijd voor jezelf en hulp nodig bij opruimen? Ik vind het heerlijk!

  4. pfff good luck with the cleaning LOL I hate cleaning...Can't we just skip that part and go scrapping??Guess not...

    Well have fun at your photoworkshop!!