22 feb. 2007


This was my real first week of doing nothing! i totally love it. Finally I am getting my house my Home. Rianne (my Twinsis) was so kind to come and help me clean out the mess sunday (Thank you SO much for that!), We trow away 24 full garbagebags, and we (I) still need to do the bedroom/scraproom and bathroom. Its so much nicer now to come home, with no mess on the floor, and no more worries if you are able to open the kabinets without being attacked with all the stuff what is in it. I did found out, that we had ALLOT of candles, but they where all on other places. And I tought we didn't had anymore! My Scrapspace in the other hand exploded. Every single item that was everywhere in the house we collected it at the scrapspace. Now as some of you know, i have a very small scrap space, and at this moment i cant find the desk or chair. The same with my bathroomfloor. there are all sort of piles with clothes ready to get washed (the bins are empty lol). Today i finnaly saw some bathroomfloor, so we are going the right way! woohoo. What we also do to be on the right way, is going to the gym every morning. Yes EVERY morning (expect for weekends lol). Good huh. today was the third day, they say its the hardest, and i sure hope it is, OMG what was it harsh to get out of bed this morning and doing the exercise at the gym, nothing seems to work right, and everything hurts. (or is it because i dronk an whole bottle of wine last night????)Tomorow i am still doubting if we should go. Not because we wont want too, but because we go away a nice weekend with Rianne en Marco and there kids. Its a Suprise weekend, so I cant tell allot yet, but it sure is going to be soo much fun. Especially for Damian, It is really going to be His weekend. Last night he already called grandpa, to tell he is going to sleep in a little house with Partin and Tine (Martin and Martine), its sooo cute! Fenna will have fun too, but she is just one year old, so if we have cookies or nibits (potatochips) then here weekend is OK!.

My dad is doing fine, He is a bit more tired then before and more feeling sick in the stumich. Dont know if it is because of the radiation treathment or just having a cold (i think everyone in Holland has a cold right now). The last day of treatment will be march 6. Cant believe it is already 6 weeks ago it started. Time flies... after that it is waiting for results.

Martin is working hard on the translation of the song. They still dont know if it is going to be the original song or in english. He did got an little article at the site of the NOS (offical site for the eurovision). You also can look the live perfomance of the song at this site.

More updates after the fun weekend, now back to diggin out the scrapspace, dont mind doing that. I love it to see all my stuff again, and get met inspired! Have a fun weekend. I know we will!



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  1. I so need to do a good cleaning up ar my house too and 24 bags is a lot of junk lolol!

    I hope to find some time in april to do it!


  2. I thought I recognised you from the store in Lelystad. It's a small world, even on the internet. I live in Dronten and visit your store regularly. Nice blog by the way! AWESOME photos!