30 mrt. 2007

Blog Time

Today is a LOVE day :) i got so many pretty things this week, and today I am at home loving them!. Last night in bed i even was thinking of what I wanted to put on Photo, but it turns out, I left my camera at work :( So I need to do it with the pictures from online hehe.

Saturday Me and my parents rushed to the shopping Mall to buy some stuff that was on sale. Didnt bought much at the sale, but I did findt my dress for the Eurovision song contest, Its a funky black 60's dress in black. Now I have to find the right accesories and a way to do my hair (no online image of it :( will take a pic soon)
Wensday I went with my friends (tamara, Ciska and Carina) to Hilversum to buy cosmetics and stuff at the Ici Paris (25% discount woohoo). The first step we took in the store we all where shocked. It turned out they sell Bags too, and not just bags, but Oilily bags!. So people who know me, know what happend... Yes I Bought a Green bag and matching Wallet. Soo Happy with it!. (site of oilily is down, so no pic sorry)

Thursday my mom went to an store for me where they sell beautiful polkadot china, for a little money. I got some bowls for in the oven (2 sqaure red and a oval yellow) 2 theacups (1 yellow 1 red) a sugarjar( Yellow) and Milkjar (?) (red). They make me really smile, and I will put them on the table with easter. (picture is from the online salefolder hehe)
Yesterday evening I came home and found a box on the table filled with scrapbooking things. Allot of it is for the magazine so cant show (ooo and its sooo lovely hehe). And the other things are the Fancy pants Stamps!! Finnaly they came in. Samantha and I took them right away, they didnt even went to the store (so sorry LOL) They are soo beautiful and right in time, Because Sunday starts my online workshop with Corinne Delis. Finding -YOU. Cant wait for that one. Ok of to go scrapping ALL day, Jeej.
Tonight I am off to a concert of the lovely Edsilia Rombley. So enough fun this week dont you think?

How was you're week?

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  1. Have fun with the workshop - I'm there too- but the english one ;-)

  2. drooling over the stamps here! and it looks like you are going ot have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Ahhh, sounds to me you had a good week! Love that polka dot china!