31 mrt. 2007

Pictures and Pin Coushion

As Promised, the missing pictures :).. The first one is my lovely china, the second one my dress i bought for the Eurovisionsongcontest (if you have any stylingtips...pls i am out!!!). Third one is my Oilily bag and wallet :D, Dont you just love Oilily?
Yesterday when i was scrapping my needle was lost again!, So i decided to make a Needle coushion (right word?). I was inspired from the Red velvet art blog, who made the cutest make-up-bag from Felt. Totally loved it, but didnt need a (another) make-up bag. Happy Scrapping :)
*Hugs* Martine

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Great pics!! Love your needle.(?). and yeah I love Oilily!!!

  2. cute,cute, cute!!!! love the bag...yum, oilily!!!!!!
    and that pin cushion is devine!

  3. hihi is het toch cushion. Vind je jurk super zou je haar opsteken, een envelop tasje zwart en parels om je nek a la audrey hepbern(of hoe je dat ook schrijft hahaha)


  4. Love that China!!! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. do we ever find the nicest ideas on blogs all over the world, incluuding yours!! thanks for sharing!!