18 apr. 2007


Today is a strange day. My mom is taken in the Hospital because of a strong pain at here stumach. Later this day she went to another hospital with the ambulance, because they tought she had something with here heart, and needed to look at it, but our hospital cant do that. Now at this point she is back in our hospital, still with pain, but thank god also with an OK Heart. She still has allot of pain, and they still dont know what it is, I hope she and my dad get a good night sleep, and they figure out what it is.
My close friend Anita, was also in the same hospital this morning, in fact she is also spending the night there, but for a whole other reason. She gave birth to a baby boy called Ricardo. (I think, my sister talked to them, but her head was somewhere else, so forgive me if the name isnt right) Gratz Sander and Anita! finally parents!. My emotions are very high now, one moment i am happy the other so sad. Hope everything will get right. When I know more, I keep you updated, now I am drinking my hot thea and go to sleep
Good night

6 opmerkingen:

  1. oh martine...i hope your mum is ok :)

  2. ik zal aan je moeder denken en ik hoop dat alles ok is!


  3. Ownee he meid,het zit allemaal niet echt mee :(
    Ik hoop dat je snel wat meer weet!!

  4. Hope your mom will be oké! {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}

  5. Jeetje Martine, wat een rotnieuws... ik hoop dat je moeder zich inmiddels weer een stuk beter voelt! Sterkte meid!

  6. Hey Martiene,

    Ik hoorde het van mijn moeder, je vader had gebeld.
    Jeetje wat zijn wij geschrokken zeg!!! We hopen dat snel duidelijk word wat er nog meer mis is.

    Heel veel sterkte voor jou en je familie.

    Arnold en Danielle