22 apr. 2007


Here is some update about my mom. (read prev post). She did had a hartinfarct (that is the Dutch word for it, dont know the english one sorry), So it was a good thing she got the procedure at the hospital in Amsterdam. BUT! she still has the pain, and she cant eat or drink anything, because it comes out immediatly. She is moved to another room (no longer heartcontrol/intensive care) so thats a good thing. Tomorow she will have some more test, and we hope the docors found what she has, so she can get some medication for it.

Out lives are a bit shaken up at the moment, So when we are a bit late in reaction on email or forget other things, forgive me.
Also I wanna thank everyone for the kind emails, and text mesagge's, good words and Hugs. It really really helps me!.
Tomorow I will post some Happy pics!, but first I need to put them on my Ipod to take it to my mom in the hospital. We went to an amusement park today (that really helps too!, and it was an appointment made LONG ago)
Good night!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. jeetje meid ik schrik me een hoedje ik had het nog niet gelezen! Nou gelukkig is ze in het ziekenhuis en gaan ze nu verder onderzoek doen. ik hoop dat ze er snel weer uit mag!


  2. i hope they manage to control the pain soon for her and find out what is causing it.

  3. Sweety i hope you know more soon,i'll be thinking about you!!

  4. Hoi meis, wat vreselijk, ik hoop dat ze snel opknapt
    Liefs Corien