20 jul. 2007

Chicago :)

O my what a day! We were supposed to fly at 10.30 this morning, but after sitting till 13.30 in the plain it was obvious it wasn't flying at all. finally after some waiting and a free Mac Donalds mail we took off at 17.30. Ofcourse I went to say hi to al my old colleques at Kappé. They spoiled me when I bought a small perfume at the drugstore and gave me al kind of extra goodies!

The dinner at the airplane was excellent (it was from Bertolli.. so no complaints here!) the sandwich from Conimex was a bit too spicy for me. After a quick check-inn at the custom service we could peek outside and start looking around at the Chicago. All the things here (a well the cabs and the airports.. didnt see more YET) looks a bit old. Its like we are in the 80's on something (like the cab in Fame or Taxidriver).

Our taxidriver wasnt paying a lot of attention and bumpt into the sidewall (vangrail) or something! Wel you know how I was sitting in that car! But I think its normal here cause the taxidriver didnt react on it, and the cab didnt had a scratch! When arriving at the hotel the meter said 8.15 and 2.00.. so we tought it was 2 dollar tip or something. Then it flashed into 10.15 in total and the guy say's... 15 dollars and 15 cents please... I was like WHY?? but ok.. we paid it, but didnt give any tips hehe.

The room in the hotel is really cute and big.. and i already saw some great TV shows while Martin was unpacking the luggage :D. Now we are in a freezing lobby because the internet isnt at the room because of a storm or something. SO of to eat something. You'll hear from me soon! Tomorow morning we have to be at the CHA extra early cause we didnt have enough time to get our pressbadges.


Martine en Martin

2 opmerkingen:

  1. maybe your taxidriver made up his own tip and that's why you had to pay so much ;)


    Have fun! good to hear you're safe and sound..


  2. You both look great,have loads of fun girl!