18 jul. 2007

only 2 nights away

And we are flying to Chicago! I am soo looking forward to this little trip. We dont know why, because its not like Las Vegas or California with sunny palmtrees and famous atractions. Maybe it is because we went to Manchester 2 years ago for a little busines trip. Both of us tought it would be funny, and hey every free trip is cool right? We had so much fun there and we have allot of happy memories from that place. We came back with a good feeling and happy memories from a industrial little place. Maybe we both hope Chicago wil do the same for us. Ofcourse we are there for busines and we need to spend 4 days at the CHA (O my I LOVE my job!). So we have 2 or 3 day's to see the city of All Capone. If I get the change I will try to update my blog everyday and ofcourse post the best of the show! Now I need to go back Scrapping, washing, cleaning, packing and organizing since I didnt do a thing last week. (Thank God I am feeling way better now.. only have some clouds left in my head and a dropping nose)
Ow BTW.. do you think I need a new banner? This one is a bit winters right?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Have loads of fun sweety,and yesss please make a new summer banner(youre really good in making banners) :D

  2. Have FUN in Chicago. I think a new banner is a great idea.