13 jul. 2007


Yikes I am sick already since tuesday. Today is already getting better. I actually got out of my bed! Needed to make a Lay-out for the scrapboek challenge with paint and did the dishes.. after that I slept for 3 hours lol. Tomorow I am taking a walk around the market and see how that is going. I really need to be back too work on Monday, i have so much to do LOL. Still need to make the baby card for Fauve.. so hang in there girl hehe.
I also have a little Toot! I am in the Creating Keepsakes!!!! hehe. Not with my work, and my name is misspeld, but i am in it. lol.

Have a nice weekend!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, gave lo heb je gemakat voor de Scrapboek Challenge! Super joh!
    En wat stoer dat je in de CK staat!!!! Scrappen met die bladzijde Martine!!!

  2. ha ha wat geweldig dat het je op deze manier is gelukt maar ja he je staat er i nje kunt zeggen wat je wilt je hebt het gehaald. Lachen hoor.

  3. martine!!! wat ontzettend cool zeg!

  4. I love your layout! It's looking very good! And it's GREAT that you
    are in Creating Keepsakes. You can
    be very proud!!! Hope you will be better soon!


  5. Die LO vind ik super!!!!!! En die foto in de CK, geweldig man, opvragen, het origineel dan!! Of eruit en scrappen!!

  6. Great layout, did you use a mask. You must be proud showing up in the CK and a nice subject for a page!!!

  7. The lo is fab girl and congrats on the toot!!Dont worry about the card... :)

  8. Like your page! And what a cool picture with Elsie!