24 jul. 2007

Update :)

So finally we have some time for a update! Sunday we went to the last day of the CHA. I really think we had a good show this year. we went to the bigger brands like Scenic Route, Basic Grey, Making Memories and some smaller like Tingerink Ink, Paper Crate, Cosmo Cricket, Tattered Angels etc. Also we finaly took some pictures of Elsie and here line.
I was really suprised about Basic Grey. I didnt liked the papers at the sneakpeaks, but in real life they actually look pretty nice. And then specifiek the chipboard shapes and the die cuts that fit the shapes.
That is really looking cool. Tingerink Ink have a new line called Blur, I LOVE that line. Its so funky!. Then at the end of the day at 4 we helped Judi from Judikins with breaking down the booth, so we could go out of dinner sooner with Mickey and cheryl from Craft TV Weekly. It was really fun too see the other side of the show. At 4 o clock precise the lamps went out and everyone start clapping.. Minutes later everyone was breaking everything up and all the perfect stands where a mess
We where done pretty quick so at 5 we walked outside on our way to a restaurant called Wildfire. O MY! that was what you can call a DINER. We have no idea if it is a expensive restaurant because mickey paided for us. Thank you Mickey! We had so much fun, it was good to see each other in real life after mailing.
Yesterday we went side seeing at downtown Chicago. we just went to the tram station and bought a ticket.. we just see where to end. It was fun to not know where or what to go to. We asked a old lady where to get out and she told us Washington (good choise). We tought it would be a 15 minute drive max, because we paid 5 dollar for an hop off hop on day pass. But it was a 1 houre tram drive. But it was fun. It looked like we went back in time. the houses we saw where like the wild wild west.
The elektricity was still hanging on old trees, looked cute! At the tram station we noticed we really are in the city because of all the big buildings, busy traffic and the sounds of sirenes all the time. We had NO clue where we need to go to, but we heard that there were trolly's and dubbeldeckers that drive you trough the city. After a quick brunch at the (seems to be) best food court of the city. It was in a big building made of glass, it looked pretty cool. we went to look how to get on a bus, and actuallly found a busstop sign right in front of us. It turned out we were in the theater district. We went on the bus (top deck, no roof, SO cool!) When we reached Navy Pier we went out. It looked so cute there, like a little Disney world. There was music, little stores, birds, boats and food everywhere. Ofcourse we took a boot tour as well, but we didnt see much new. We did relaxed and lounged at the boat (got a little sunburn as well hehe). After that we hopped back on the bus again and whent to the Magnificent Mile. They call it like that because of the stores on that mile. After half a mile we looked for a Subway and whent back, bacuse we didnt saw any stores we liked (OK exept for the Olily store (there cheaper there then at home... can you imagine! and no I dint bought anything hehe). When we found the latest bus we planned to get back to the theater district to get the Tram home again. When sitting in the bus we saw the Apple store, Victoria Secret, Lush, Disney store and the Cheesecake Factory.. You quessed.. we hopped off again to really shop this time :D. At 7 all the store closed (I bought a Therapy bar for you Tanja) so we walked back to the theater district. I really need to give all the credit for reading the map to Martin this time! We didnt walked wrong Once!. Good job!
Today we are going to a shopping mall to go to Best Buy and Target and I think we are going to a Movie too... Then we need to start packing.. we are already leaving tomorow. :( ***Edit: The rest of the pictures of Chicago look like stuck on my card.. wil show them tonight***)

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  1. Thnxxxxxx!!!!
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  2. great pictures,cant wait to see the rest!

  3. Great pictures. I'm drooling over my keyboard when I see al those new product's!