29 jul. 2007


Jeeej I am a rocking girl blogger! Thanks Linda to pick me for this! Thanks! I nominate Francine (Becaus I read here stories about here children everyday, and I think she is a Awesome mom, who can take greath pictures btw). Corinne (because deadline or no deadline you scrap GREATH and inspire me all the time) Anita (Because keeping so positive in life, even when life is hard on you, And for making the coolest bags ever!) House of inspiration (I know its not 1 person.. but its the challenge blog, where Corien have give me the oppurtunity to create art :))and for last MARTIN.. I know he is not a girl.. but his blog rocks! And as last but not least Samantha (for her evergoing support :))Thats 6 sorry :D

I also made a new Lay-out for the Scrapboek Challenge.

Happy Scrapping.. I am having a bit of a Jetlag.. so more creations coming soon. I am also working on something new.. but can reveal yet!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. aww...thanks for saying the sweetest things. i think we are jet lag buddies :)
    p.s love the layout!!!

  2. Awe that layout is TOO CUTE!Goodluck on the jetlag!

  3. Ik vind 'em super! En allemaal lekkere meidendingen, heel herkenbaar!