1 aug. 2007

Stamped House

Jeej Today some of my work went online at Stamped House (look at Gallery and then Design Team).
Also the second Challenge went online for the House Of Inspiration. You can see my LO there!
And if that isnt enough, I am working my ass of for Scrap! Its the first time its totally on my hands.. No one to get back to, if something goes wrong its my fault... ahhhh soo scary! haha. We are also already working on the next isseu for Scrap! (November numbre) so my brains are totally in the christmas scene already.
Next to that the store is moving. We are going to another spot (100 meters from the old store). We need to be out of the store at September 1st. That means allot of work this month including a HUGE sale. So check the website closely, since you dont want to miss this :D
Saterday we have 2 birthday's and Sunday I am going to the beach to help my brother in law and my sister with a DH day. So maybe I will get some new pics of me AND I can play with Damian and Fenna again! Busy busy but allot of fun!
Happy Scraping!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Youre busy girl,your work looked beautiful!

  2. Love your blog. Your scrap'n style is my style for sure. I'm heading over to the USA tomorrow to scrapbook with a girl I met on a rubber stamp website. I am so behind in my scrapbooks. You give me lots of inspiration for sure!