4 aug. 2007

Sorting out

Since we are going to move the store, I picked up all my Lay-outs and albums at the store. I was a bit shocked on the ammount of Lay-outs I made in the past 3 years. At home I already had a big pile who needed an album, now the pile is a little bit bigger :S. I think I need to buy some albums, but I dont know what I want. I know I will make a few albums for the vacations and trips we took. But do I put a Lay-out about "10 reasons why I love you" in the vacation album because the picture was taken there.. Or do I put it in an album about us.. Still dont know. I think I need to look how many albums I have, and sort it out then. But first I am going to take a picture of all of them, so I can put them in an online album as well. (I am SO shocked about mine first LO hehe.. Its terrible! Do you remake them??)
Happy Scrapping!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I would put the 10 reasons why i love you in an album about us instead of the vacation album...

  2. Hey Martine,

    Ik heb vakantiealbums, en gewone chronologische albums. En met Cisch bedoel ik op volgorde waarin ik ze maakt. Anders hou ik er geen regelmaat meer in ;) Ik heb verder nog wel albums die ik bv in een albumtrack of onlineworkshop heb gemaakt. Je kan ook altijd je digitale foto's vàn je LO's laten inbinden. Ik hermaak mijn Lo's niet, ik vind het wel leuk de evolutie te zien. Groetjes!